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A Drone Injury Lawyer Will Maximize Your Monetary Compensation from Drone-Related Injuries

Thursday, June 02, 2016

New technologies inevitably increase the possibilities of injuries. The industrial revolution, for example, saw an explosion of machinery-related injuries. The advent of the automobile gave rise to new theories of negligence and damages for injured parties. Drones that have been adapted for personal and business uses are becoming the next frontier of personal injury law. If you suffer an injury from an errant drone, your right to recover damages that injury will be best protected by an experienced drone injury lawyer who understands this technology, and who can identify any negligent parties that caused an injury.

At present, drone operators are subject to the same standards that apply to operators of other machines, namely, they are obligated to use reasonable and customary care to avoid damages and injuries when they operate those drones. This can include, for example, receiving proper training for how and where they are using the drone, and avoiding situations that represent and undue level of risk of injury. An operator who uses his drone only in open or remote locations might be held to a different standard than an operator whose drone is deployed into crowded areas or where visibility is limited.

At least until more standards are imposed or adopted for drone, not all drones are technologically equal. A drone that is poorly designed or manufactured might be used by a skilled operator who has received thorough training, but that drone's manufacturing or design flaws might lead to an accident and injuries. Your drone injury lawyer should be familiar with operating and design standards, as well as with training and operating requirements that may be applicable to drone usage in your vicinity. 

Drone accidents are increasing in frequency, leading many injured parties to seek assistance from attorneys who understand their technology and operation. A New York photographer suffered facial injuries when an errant drone that was used for a promotion clipped his nose and face. A drone that was recording video crashed into spectators at a Virginia festival, injuring several people. An Australian triathlete suffered head injuries when an operator lost control of the device while filming portions of a triathlon race. Some level of negligence was present in each of these incidents.

If you have suffered injuries from a drone accident in southern California or elsewhere, please contact us for an assessment of your case. We understand drone technology and can protect your rights to give the largest potential damages award.

Getting Fair Treatment After Bicycle Accidents Can Be hard

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Legally, a bicyclist's injuries in an accident deserve the same consideration as a car driver's or passenger's. Unfortunately, because they don't provide revenue in license and registration fees — or maybe just because a bike doesn't look as impressive as a big shiny car — the legal system doesn't always give cyclists the same consideration.

D.C. lawyer Bruce Deming says that police often take a casual attitude toward reporting bicycle accidents. He cites a case where a cyclist was seriously injured and the police were there to report the accident, but they didn't even take down witness names, causing serious difficulty with the rider's subsequent insurance claim.

In Bethesda, Maryland, a driver struck and killed a cyclist and was fined for failure to avoid a collision, failure to pass safely, and negligent driving, yet was not charged with any crime.

In Portland, Oregon, a truck struck a turning cyclist, causing the loss of his right leg. The cyclist had the right of way. No criminal charges were filed.

The situation will vary greatly from one location to another, but cyclists often find it difficult to get treatment as first-class citizens of the road. You can improve your chances by treating a crash like any other accident involving a motor vehicle, getting identification, waiting for the police to arrive, and filing a report. Make sure the police take your report, even if they're only interested in the driver's story. Get witnesses if possible. Be careful of what you say to the driver's insurance company. Talk to a lawyer if necessary.

Please contact us if you need legal assistance concerning a bicycle accident in the greater Los Angeles area.

Keep Children Safe In Backyard Pools

Friday, May 20, 2016

Any homeowner with a pool should be concerned about the potential of a drowning. If you have children, or children live in the neighborhood, it important to take steps to prevent the chance of a pool accident or drowning injury. Implement the following tips to keep children safe in your backyard pool.

Limit Access and Desire

Install a fence that surrounds your pool completely. Keep the deck clear of toys, such as balls. Your goal is to make it impossible for a child to enter the pool area without the assistance of an adult. Therefore, a fence is necessary. You also want to dissuade anyone from attempting to retrieve a toy from inside the pool area. Kids may try to climb over the fence because they want to play with the ball. Keep toys out of sight so they don't entice children to enter the pool area unattended.

Understand Safety Devices

If your children, or the children in the neighborhood, have not had formal swimming lessons, they may not be safe in the water. Don't make the mistake of offering them a pool noodle or other inflatable device as a safety measure. Air-filled and foam toys are not safety devices, they are toys. Life jackets are the only thing designed to keep non-swimmers safe.

Provide Constant Supervision

An adult needs to supervise every minute a child is in the pool. This is true even if the child is wearing a life jacket. Adult supervision is mandatory to prevent a drowning or near-drowning. Life jackets help but don't always prevent a drowning since the face can still go in the water with the life jacket on. The adult providing the supervision should not be reading a book or talking on the phone or doing anything else. If the child is young, or can't swim, the adult should stay within reach at all times.

Monitor Weather Conditions

A homeowner is responsible for monitoring the weather conditions and acting accordingly. If thunder is heard or lightning observed, everyone must get out of the pool and stay out of the pool for 30 minutes. The timer restarts for each subsequent thunder or lightning until the storm has completely passed.

Take the above steps to reduce the risk of a pool accident or drowning injury this summer. For additional information, contact us.

Legal Protection for Bicycle Accidents

Thursday, May 12, 2016

An increasing number of people are commuting to work on bicycles in order to save fuel, as well as to get exercise en route. The number of leisure bicyclists is also increasing substantially. While biking is an admirable and beneficial activity, the unfortunate reality is that bicycle accidents are occurring at an alarming rate. In fact, bicyclists and pedestrians are hit by motor vehicles throughout the greater Los Angeles area on a near-daily basis.

The city has more than 1,200 miles of pathways that are specifically dedicated to bicyclists. However, many of these routes run along busy roadways where motor vehicles and bikes vie for space. In a statistical report that was compiled by the California Highway Patrol motor vehicle drivers were shown to be at fault approximately forty percent of the time where the bicyclist was seriously injured or sustained fatal injuries.

If you are injured in a bicycle accident in the Los Angeles metro area, your health and well-being are the first concern. It is advisable to seek medical attention immediately, even if you do not think you have been seriously injured. A trained professional physician can let you know the extent of the injury and advise you about the best ways in which to take care of yourself.

Here are some other things to do after a bike accident:


As soon as possible after the accident, jot down when and where it happened. If possible, gather any names of people who were involved in or who witnessed what happened. If you have your cell phone or camera with you, it can help to take photos of the site where the accident occurred. Include pictures that show any damage to your body or property, and that, if possible, can be used to illustrate exactly how the accident occurred.

It is a good idea to call the police after a notable accident. They may be able to offer quick medical attention on the spot, if necessary, as well as to obtain any emergency services needed to treat any injuries. It is also important to file a police report at this time and to request a copy of the report to give to your attorney.

Any clothing worn at the time of the accident, the helmet or other related items should be kept so they can be used as evidence, if necessary. The same is true for receipts for bicycle repairs, replacements for protective equipment or accessories.

If the driver of the motor vehicle has insurance, chances are, you will receive a call from his or her insurance adjuster. At this time, one should obtain the name, address and contact information for the insurance carrier, as well as the claim number for the accident and any pertinent information. However, do not discuss any of the following or do the following when dealing with the insurance agent:

  • Do not discuss whose fault the accident was
  • Do not issue any general statements about the accident
  • Do not discuss settlements
  • Do not sign any forms

Instead, immediately call a qualified attorney who specializes in protecting those who have sustained personal injuries. If you are injured in a bicycle accident or would like to have more information, please contact us. We are a personal injury law firm serving Los Angeles and the surrounding metro areas, including the San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, Encino, Thousand Oaks and North Hollywood.

Own a Pool? Follow These Steps to Protect Yourself Against Pool Injuries and Drowning Accidents on Your Property

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Enjoying your backyard swimming pool with friends and family members on a hot summer afternoon can be a welcome way to beat the heat, but nothing can make a pool owner's blood run cold like the thought of a serious pool injury or drowning accident occurring on his property. If you are a pool owner, there are important steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of a tragedy occurring in your own backyard oasis.

Check the Equipment

One of the best ways to prevent a swimming accident is to make sure all your equipment is in good working order. While the drain of a pool or spa may seem harmless enough, many drain cover of older pools and spas were designed in such a way that the entire flat cover could be completely blocked by a human torso. If completely blocked, the amount of suction could potentially be strong enough to hold a victim on the bottom of the pool. Newer anti-entrapment covers are required in public swimming pools. Unfortunately, many private pools still have not been retrofitted with a new, safer drain. If you have concerns about the safety of the drain in your pool or spa, contact a professional to have the drain checked and, if necessary, fitted with a new cover.

Additionally, keep lifesaving floatation devices and rescue poles in plain sight and easily accessible. If you do not own these important pieces of safety equipment, make it a priority to obtain them today.

Secure Your Pool

A fence is a basic deterrent. While it is likely that any determined person will be able to access your swimming area, a fence around your pool can send a powerful message for others to stay away, and the presence of a fence, or lack thereof, can affect your liability if a tragedy should occur on you property. Your fence should be at least four feet high, and gates should be both self-closing and self-latching. To prevent a determined child from pushing the gate open, gates should always swing out, away from the swimming area.

Educate Yourself And Others

Of course, one of the best ways to prevent a swimming injury or accidental drowning is to educate yourself and others regarding water safety. Post your poolside rules in a prominent place. Follow them, and insist that guests do the same. Educate yourself in the basics of CPR so you will be able to react quickly, calmly, and with confidence if an accident should occur.

Keeping your pool in good working order, and following proper safety procedures can help ensure that your pool remains an asset, and not a liability. If an accident has occurred on your property, and you are concerned with your legal rights, our staff is standing by to help. Don't hesitate to contact us today!

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