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If I have personal health insurance will I have to pay them back for the accident related medical expenses?

Maybe. Almost all health insurance policies have provisions that require you to repay the health insurance company back out of your settlement. However, if you have an attorney then most insurance companies will recognize the fact that your attorney performed valuable work in obtaining the settlement for you. Since the settlement directly benefits the health insurance company in their effort to be reimbursed for medical payments, your attorney will often be able to gain their agreement to waive a substantial portion, and sometimes most of, the amount they would normally claim.

For instance, if your health insurance company paid out $5,000.00 towards your medical bills, if your attorney is experienced he or she will normally be able to get your insurance company to accept $2,500.00 to $3,000.00 as payment in full towards their bills. The difference will be an additional amount that goes directly to you and not the attorney.

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