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What is my accident case worth?

This “bottom line” question cannot be answered until you have completed treatment and your case is ready for settlement. No matter how bad your auto accident was and, despite the fact you may have been rushed to the hospital, it is necessary to see how your injuries progress over time before attempting to place a value on your case.

In some cases a person will sustain major property damage and be taken by ambulance to the hospital and given pain medication to deal with the pain. If that person has recovered a month later, the quick recovery will be strongly considered in valuing the case. On the other hand, a person might have been in a moderate collision, did not go to the hospital, but that person’s injuries continue to worsen over time. If it takes that person a year to recover with the help of substantial physical therapy or other treatment, then that case would have a value far in excess of the example used in the first case above.

In addition, the attorney plays a very valuable part in seeing to it that an injured person has the proper medical treatment. If the attorney keeps in close contact with his client, and if the attorney possesses substantial knowledge about medicine through practicing personal injury law, then the attorney can help the client determine the types of doctors that need to be seen. Also, an experienced attorney will be able to recognize if certain types of diagnostic tests would be helpful in proving the client’s injuries.

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