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Will an insurance company partially settle my case and continue to hold it open for future medical expenses?

No! When you settle a case with an insurance company they will have you sign a document that releases all persons or entities that caused your injuries. This document is very clear to state that it is the final settlement between the parties and that you cannot later request any further amounts from the insurance company.

In light of the above, it is extremely important that your attorney recognize whether you have fully recovered from your vehicle accident before settling your case. If you have not fully recovered then your attorney should be able to set out the likely future medical expenses and loss of earnings you will have. An experienced attorney is able to do this by discussing with your primary treating doctor your prognosis and obtaining a thorough medical report which fully sets forth the nature and costs of all future medical treatments you are likely to have. Without this document or similar testimony from one of your primary doctors, you will not be fully compensated.

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