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Los Angeles Bounce House Injury Attorneys

Throughout Los Angeles, children are injured on a regular basis as they play in bounce houses, inflatable slides and similar amusements. Attorneys at Freeman & Freeman, LLP are prepared to assist your family if your child has suffered such an injury. Our Los Angeles bounce house injury attorneys have helped injury victims throughout Los Angeles and Southern California recover hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. We may be able to help you. Call Los Angeles bounce house injury attorneys for a free consultation at 818-877-4736.

We accept all personal injury cases on a contingency basis: if we do not win your case, you owe us nothing. If we do take your case, you can feel confident that we expect to win.

Questions about Bounce House Injury Lawsuits

If your child has been injured while playing in a bounce house at a birthday party or other event, or has been injured while at a trampoline park or other similar venue, you likely have many questions about filing a lawsuit. The Los Angeles bounce house injury attorneys at Freeman & Freeman, LLP are personal injury lawyers with decades of experience in some of the most complex personal injury cases and they have the answers you need.

  • If another law firm has already declined to take my case, will you still offer me a free case analysis?
  • I think my child may have been partially to blame. Can we still sue?
  • The weather caused the inflatable to collapse. Is a lawsuit still possible?
  • The bounce house has a manufacturer defect. Can we sue the company that built it?
  • We signed a waiver to let our child play on the equipment. Can a lawsuit still be filed?

There may be multiple parties who contributed to your child’s injuries. The Los Angeles bounce house injury attorneys of Freeman & Freeman, LLP will identify all liable parties and pursue justice and compensation for you. If you can get the compensation you deserve through a favorable settlement, that is the route we will take. However, if an insurance company or other defendant will not offer fair compensation, Freeman & Freeman, LLP will use their vast trial experience to demand justice and persuade a jury that you deserve maximum compensation.

Call us as soon as possible if your child has been injured. We are Los Angeles bounce house injury attorneys with the resources and the skill to pursue justice for you.