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Santa Clarita Car Accident Attorney

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Automobile accidents are the most common cause of personal injury claims throughout California, including Santa Clarita. With over 22 million licensed drivers in the state, it is easy to understand why accidents are so frequent. Being in an automobile accident is a frightening experience that can result in lasting physical injury and emotional trauma. If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident in the Santa Clarita area, you may have the right to take legal action against the other driver or any other party that was responsible for the accident. In most cases, the responsible party will be a distracted driver or a motorist who was speeding, driving drunk, or violating other California traffic laws. In some cases, the manufacturer of a defective auto part or a governmental entity with a duty to design safe roads and keep them maintained could be responsible for your injury. The experienced and skilled car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Freeman & Freeman, LLP can help determine who is responsible and provide you with effective and aggressive representation. Let us help you recover the compensation that you deserve. Call the Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Freeman & Freeman, LLP today at 818-877-4736 for a free case evaluation.

Car Accident Causes

In most cases other drivers cause car accidents by behaving negligently while behind the wheel. One of the most common causes is driver distraction. There are many things that can take a driver’s focus off the road, such as stereo controls, food, personal grooming and applying makeup, temperature controls, passenger distractions, and cell phones (it is estimated that 25% of automobile accidents result from distraction during cell phone use). Other common causes of auto accidents include:

  • speeding
  • tailgating
  • driving recklessly
  • running red lights and stop signs
  • failing to observe and obey traffic signs
  • driving too fast for road conditions
  • drunk driving
  • defective automobile parts
  • unsafe road design
  • poorly maintained roads

Why Hire A Santa Clarita Car Accident Attorney?

After involvement in an automobile accident in Santa Clarita, a decision must be made as to whether a lawyer should be retained. This is a very important decision because having professional legal representation may impact the outcome of an insurance claim as well as the filing of a lawsuit against the responsible parties. An attorney on your side will provide many benefits, including the following:

  • evaluation of the worth of a case to ensure that the client’s insurance claim is addressed in a fair and timely fashion
  • filing a lawsuit to recover the money a client needs for medical bills, vehicle damages, lost wages, compensation for pain and suffering, future medical costs, rehabilitation, and other damages (an auto accident attorney has the expertise necessary to be able to show fault and collect any damages the client deserves)
  • experience and resources needed to deal with negligent third parties, insurance companies, and other lawyers
  • providing advice and legal options to help the client make the right choices
  • effective use of investigators, accident reconstruction consultants, traffic engineering consults, medical consultants, and other experts to strengthen a client’s case
  • aggressive pursuit of a client’s case while the client can focus on recovery or support of an injured loved one
  • collection of accident reports, insurance documents, medical records, witness testimony, and other evidence to use in legal proceedings

Santa Clarita Automobile Accident Attorney

If you or a love one has been seriously injured in an automobile accident in Santa Clarita, consulting with a personal injury attorney at Freeman & Freeman, LLP will be one of the most essential and important decision you could make. Our experienced automobile accident attorneys will counsel you on the various legal choices available to you and will aggressively fight to protect your rights and secure the compensation you need to become whole again.  Contact Freeman & Freeman, LLP today via this website or via telephone at 818-877-4736.