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Truck Accidents. Questions From Our Clients.

Damages from truck accidents can be catastrophic due to the dimensions of the vehicle involved. An 18-wheeler, for example, will likely cause more harm than a regular car. If you or someone you care about was recently involved in a truck accident, you need a lawyer immediately.

We have gathered common questions and concerns about truck injuries, which we have addressed at Freeman & Freeman, LLP:

If I was injured due to a collision with a commercial truck, can I recover compensation from the company?

Yes, but you must prove the accident was due to the trucking company’s liability. A seasoned lawyer can help you gather and analyze all the evidence and information available from your accident to establish liability. Trucking companies can be liable due to their inaction to provide, for example, proper maintenance to their units. This inaction is also known as “direct liability.”

What is vicarious negligence in commercial truck accidents?

It refers to the liability of an employer before the actions or negligence of its employees. If a trucking accident occurs during a driver’s working hours, and if the driver is the party at fault for the accident, then the company is also liable for its driver’s actions and omissions. Vicarious negligence also includes the failure of a company to assess a driver’s qualifications to drive or screening their employees for alcohol/ prohibited substances before the start of the working day.

When you are at the discovery phase (gathering evidence) with your lawyer, they will also verify the company’s record to monitor vicarious liability.

A loved one did not survive a trucking accident. Am I entitled to compensation?

We understand that you are going through difficult times, and yes, you are entitled to recover compensation if a loved one is no longer with us due to a trucking accident. If a loved one is no longer with us due to a trucking accident, we advise you to have a lawyer with you to build your case and seek the compensation you and your family deserve to start anew.

Lawyers like us at Freeman & Freeman, LLP, work on a contingency basis. Therefore, you pay our bills only if we recover your compensation. You, your family and your loved ones deserve peace of mind and a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer to help you with the whole legal process involved. However, you have a time limit of two years to file a claim to recover compensation.

If a loved one suffered catastrophic injuries, how do I know we are offered fair compensation?

Fair compensation should include all costs related to your health, treatment and potential recovery. Catastrophic injuries frequently result in permanent disability, chronic pain and psychological trauma. You need to prove this to the insurance company and the parties at fault to calculate your compensation. If you are unsure if your compensation is fair, you need the assistance of a lawyer.

As your lawyers in California, we will make every reasonable effort to advocate for your rights and will not settle for less. Call today.

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