9 injured in California car crash

A man was seriously hurt in a California car crash. Eight other individuals suffered minor injuries. The two-vehicle collision took place on a recent Saturday night.

Accident details

The Fresno County crash occurred at about 10:45 p.m. According to authorities, a car was northbound on Clovis Avenue and turned at a red light. It then crashed into another vehicle.

Police said a passenger in the first automobile was ejected due to the impact of the crash. Thought to be about 25 years old, the victim was rushed to a medical center with life-threatening injuries. Paramedics assisted three other injured individuals from the first car and five people from the second one. Authorities said they did not suspect alcohol or drugs to be causal factors in the wreck.

Legal recourse

The evidence likely suggests that one or both drivers were negligent in a manner that caused the accident. The injured passengers may choose to file personal injury claims against the reportedly at-fault driver, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages sustained in the crash. Liability must be established based upon a showing of negligence before the court adjudicates any claims for monetary damages. A successful claim. Typically results in a monetary judgment, and the proceeds can be used to offset hospital bills and other medical costs. Damages may also help to cover any lost wages resulting from the wreck and reimburse victims for pain and suffering related to the accident.

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