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Woodland Hills Pool Accident Lawyer

Many pool and drowning accidents occur in southern California because a pool owner or operator failed in their responsibility to ensure the safety of swimmers.

Attorneys at Freeman & Freeman, LLP, have represented many families who have lost a loved one to preventable tragedies including swimming accidents. Such accidents can lead to wrongful death or devastating drowning injuries.

These injuries are often irreversible. If your family is struggling in the aftermath of such a catastrophic incident, we may be able to help you obtain the justice and compensation that you deserve.

Our attorneys are extremely aggressive when it comes to pursuing our clients’ best interests. However, our attorneys are also extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The firm also has extensive resources to conduct independent accident-scene investigations to determine liability. We pair our dedication with vast resources to fight for you.

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Experienced Attorneys For Pool Accident Cases In Woodland Hills

Over the last several decades, Freeman & Freeman, LLP, has become a well-known law firm for our ability to take on the most challenging cases and win. When a young child has drowned or survived with catastrophic brain injury, the need for compensation can be substantial and the legal challenges can be complex since an insurance company may resist doing the right thing.

When someone needs lifelong medical assistance, an insurance company for the pool owner or operator may resist offering a fair settlement even though their insured client may have been liable. We will demand a generous settlement and use our negotiating tactics to ensure you get what you deserve.

If an opponent will not relent and pay what is fair, we will face them at trial. While a pool owner may be in part or wholly responsible for a pool or spa accident, there may be other responsible parties as well. Your medical costs, home and vehicle adaptations and pain and suffering should all be compensated for.

We know how to hold all parties responsible and how to maximize the amount of your settlement. Some parties that may bear responsibility:

  • Apartment managers who did not ensure that pools were inaccessible to children
  • Municipal and county authorities who did not maintain or staff public pools effectively
  • Hotel, resort and water park operators who allowed unsafe conditions on their premises
  • Pool gate and safety equipment manufacturers who produced faulty products

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