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Car Accidents

$5 Million Settlement

City Negligence Causing Auto Accident

Our client was driving through the intersection when the defendant driver pulled out from a side street directly into oncoming traffic slamming into our client causing serious injuries. The defendant claimed he could not see clearly because of a large tree that had fallen in the roadway. The city claimed the tree did not obstruct the driver’s view since it was mostly on the sidewalk. Too scared to go to trial, the city caved in and settled the claim.

$4.2 Million Verdict

Auto Accident/Unsafe Road Design

Our client was severely injured on the freeway when another vehicle lost control and smashed into our client’s vehicle. The defendant driver only had a minimal policy. But we sued the state claiming an unsafe road design as a substantial factor in causing the accident and subsequent injuries.

$2.4 Million Verdict

Cellphone Call Costs Defendant

Our client was involved in a collision at an intersection, and the only question was “Who ran the red light?” The defendant claimed he was not distracted in any way and had a green light. After obtaining the defendant’s cell phone records, we found he was on the phone at the exact moment the accident occurred. This information led to a $1.2 million settlement.

$1.6 Million Settlement

Driver Falls Asleep at Wheel

Our client was a front-seat passenger when her driver fell asleep at the wheel causing a serious accident. Only 17 years of age, our client sustained a severe ankle injury. Shortly before trial the defendant’s insurance carrier raised its offer from $500,000 to $1.2 million.

$1.4 Million Settlement

Freeway Accident

On their way to enjoy July 4 fireworks, a family’s minivan was smashed on a freeway interchange when the defendant driver lost control of her vehicle. Our clients sustained various injuries, particularly the mother who suffered a fractured femur. The case was successfully settled just prior to trial avoiding litigation costs and expert fees that would have diminished our clients’ net settlement.

$1.2 Million Settlement

Minor Property Damage

Our client was a front seat passenger when her vehicle was lightly rear-ended in traffic causing no visible damage. Having undergone a successful cervical fusion six weeks prior to the accident, our client was still healing and more susceptible to injury. The insurance company did not believe that such a minor impact could cause serious injury.

$850K Settlement

Prior Attorney

Our firm was consulted by a 60-year-old gentleman who was involved in a heavy impact T-bone collision and already had an attorney. The insurance carrier at fault made a one-time offer of $17,000 to resolve the case and his attorney at the time recommended he take this offer. The client then consulted our firm with ongoing cognitive issues and had never even consulted with a neurologist. We took over the case and it eventually settled for $850,000.

$750K Settlement

Neck Injury at a Carwash

Our client was stopped in his vehicle in a carwash when an employee accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake of a nearby car slamming into our client’s vehicle. Our client’s neck was twisted as he watched the car heading toward him. As a result of the collision, our client sustained a herniated disc requiring surgery.

$650K Verdict

Victim Suffers Rare Ankle Injury

Our client was making a left turn on a green arrow when the defendant ran through a red light striking our client’s vehicle on the driver’s side. While attempting to slam on her brakes to avoid the collision, our client’s foot was abruptly twisted at impact causing a Lisfranc fracture. The insurance carrier for the defendant had a $100,000 policy but refused to offer it. After trial, the entire jury verdict was paid by the insurance carrier.

$550K Verdict

Victim of Red Light Accident

While traveling through an intersection on a green light, our client was broadsided by a vehicle that ran through a red light. The defendant claimed he suffered an unanticipated stroke before entering the intersection and was therefore not legally liable because he was unable to control his vehicle. We uncovered past medical records that proved the defendant was indeed aware of his physical limitations and should not have been driving. The insurance company never offered more than $25,000 on the claim but the jury awarded more than twenty times what was offered.

$500K Settlement


Our client was involved in a front-end collision when the defendant ran a stop sign. We proved to the insurance company that our client suffered a brain injury even though he never struck his head. The insurance company paid their entire policy limits.

$475K Settlement

Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

Our client was driving her automobile when suddenly another driver traveling in the opposite direction lost control of their vehicle and crossed over the center divider causing a collision. Our client fractured her sternum when it struck against the steering wheel. Although the defendants claimed that the plaintiff’s injuries had healed and were not serious, we were nevertheless able to settle her claim for a substantial amount.

Truck Accidents

$3.5 Million Settlement

Trucking Accidents

My client was walking with his wife when a truck suddenly backed up smashing him to the ground, causing a back injury which eventually necessitated surgery. As a result of the accident, my client also sustained a loss of earnings claim. It was not until the last moment before trial when the insurance carrier substantially increased their settlement offer resolving the case.

$2 Million Settlement

Truck Accident Victims

Our clients were traveling along the freeway when an 18 wheeler hauling sand attempted a tight turn on an overpass above them. The semi flipped over and spilled its entire load onto the freeway below smashing the roof of our clients’ vehicle. As a result of the accident, our clients suffered traumatic back injuries. The insurance company only disclosed a $1 million policy, however after vigorous investigation, we discovered an additional $1 million policy. Just before trial, the case settled for the full $2 million.

$550K Settlement

Errant U-Turn Causes Low Back Injury

Our client was driving straight when a large commercial pick-up truck traveling in the lane next to him suddenly made a u-turn directly into our client’s vehicle. Due to the impact, our client sustained a low back injury. Although our client’s MRIs were normal, we were able to prove that he damaged his facet joints – which is an injury that cannot be corrected by surgery. The case ultimately resolved at mediation for $550,000.

$350K Verdict

3 MPH Impact Causes Heart Condition

Our client was stopped in her vehicle when a large truck next to her made a right turn at only 3 mph sideswiping her car and dragging the vehicle 100 feet unaware that an impact had even occurred. Our client was looking through her window at this large commercial vehicle and screaming hysterically until her car finally came to rest. As a result of this traumatic incident, she developed heart palpitations requiring ongoing monitoring. The defendants claimed that such a small impact could not have caused any substantial trauma and refused to offer anything over $20,000 prior to trial. The jury disagreed.

Rideshare Accidents

$5 Million Settlement

Rideshare Passenger

Out client was a passenger in a ride sharing vehicle. A rather serious collision occurred while our client was on her way to LAX airport and she sustained a concussion as well as injuries to her spine. The insurance company refused to make a serious offer until just before trial and the case settled for $5M.

$1 Million Settlement

Lyft Driver

Our client was a Lyft driver who was broadsided by a vehicle speeding through the intersection causing our car to spin out of control landing on the sidewalk. Lyft claimed that the driver was not covered since there were no passengers in the vehicle. But we proved that our client was indeed working at the time of the collision and Lyft was liable for his injuries.

$950K Settlement

Lyft Passenger

Our client was a backseat passenger in an Uber vehicle and obtained an uninsured motorist recovery when the driver at fault carried no insurance. Our client, traveling in an Uber, was hit by an uninsured drunk driver who had crossed over the solid yellow line into oncoming traffic slamming into our Uber vehicle.

$950K Settlement

Uber Passenger

Our client was a backseat passenger in an Uber vehicle and obtained an uninsured motorist recovery when the driver at fault carried no insurance. Our client, traveling in an Uber, was hit by an uninsured drunk driver who had crossed over the solid yellow line into oncoming traffic slamming into our Uber vehicle.

Pedestrian Accidents

$4.6 Million Settlement

Commercial Truck Backs into Pedestrian

A commercial truck driver, failing to look in the rear view mirror, suddenly backed up and did not see our client. As a result, the truck pinned our client against the wall causing serious injuries. The insurance carrier initially offered $1 million to settle the claim but on the day of trial substantially increased their settlement offer to $4.6 million resolving the case.

$1.8 Million Verdict

Jaywalking Pedestrian

Our client was crossing a busy street in an unmarked crosswalk when the defendant driver ran into her. The insurance company refused to offer their minimal $15,000 policy limit even though our client was hospitalized and had to undergo emergency surgery to her arm. They claimed our client did not cross the street in a safe manner. The jury saw it differently.

$800K Settlement

Runaway Bus Hits Pedestrian

Our client was waiting on the sidewalk to cross the street when a bus driver lost control of his vehicle causing it to strike our client on the sidewalk. Our client sustained a concussion and back injuries. The case was ultimately resolved prior to trial.

Motorcycle Accidents

$4.89 Million Verdict

Motorcycle Accident Victim

Our client was driving to work when a 16 passenger van pulled out from a stop sign into traffic directly in front of her. Our client collided with the side of the van and was thrown from her scooter losing consciousness. Defendants disputed fault and claimed that our client was speeding. Multiple fractures were sustained including ribs, clavicle and knee, as well as multiple herniated discs to the spine. The insurance company never offered to settle for more than $400,000 prior to trial, while plaintiff’s demand was $1 million.

$2.2 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Accident on PCH

While our client was riding his motorcycle in Malibu, a vehicle made a sudden u-turn in front of him. Our client sustained substantial injuries as a direct result of the impact. The defendant’s claim that our client was speeding was not substantiated by the evidence and accordingly, the case was ultimately settled.

$1.5 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Accident

A husband and wife were riding on a motorcycle when a vehicle attempted a left turn in front of them from a parking lot. The driver of the vehicle claimed our clients were speeding but we were able to disprove this allegation. The wife sustained a serious leg fracture and the husband broke his ankle. The case was settled at mediation.


$1.25 Million Settlement

Hit & Run

The defendant driver rear ended our client and fled the scene. He then went to the police station and claimed he was the victim of a hit and run creating a fraudulent police report. We thoroughly debunked his false story and settled the case prior to trial for the full policy limits.


$2.5 Million Settlement

Slip & Fall on Private Property

My client was in the backyard of a private home where there was a displaced cement slab causing a slip and fall hazard. Since the lighting was poor, our client did not see the change in elevation causing him to slip and fall to the ground. The client herniated a disc and had a two-level fusion. Although liability was initially contested, the case resolved shortly before trial.

$750K Verdict

Slip-and-Fall in Strip Mall

Our client was leaving a fast-food restaurant and on her way back to her parked vehicle when she tripped and fell on an uneven surface, fracturing her ankle. The insurance carrier insisted that the condition was not dangerous and easily visible; and therefore made a settlement offer of $25,000, take it or leave it. Our client decided to leave it and took the matter to trial where the jury awarded $525,000.

$500K Verdict

Slip-and-Fall Accident

Our client was visiting her daughter’s apartment complex when she slipped and fell on an uneven sidewalk in front of the building and fractured her shoulder, requiring surgery. The insurance company claimed the condition of the walkway was easily visible and our client should have avoided it. The defendants only offered $30,000 to settle but the jury awarded $500,000.

Misc. Personal Injury

$2.2 Million Settlement

Product Defect Case

Our client was loading granite onto a large container specifically made to hold heavy material. The container broke and the granite fell onto our client causing serious injuries. We were able to successfully prove that the container was not designed properly and therefore was the cause of the accident.

$1.8 Million Settlement

Airsoft Gun Injury

A 13-year-old boy was working on a school project at a classmate’s house with other students. They were using airsoft guns as props for their project when one of the children inadvertently pulled the trigger not realizing the gun was loaded. As a result, a pellet was shot into our client’s eye causing injuries. After prolonged negotiations, the case was finally settled just prior to trial for $1.6 million.

$650K Verdict

Elderly Woman Sustains Burns at Retirement Home

Our client resided at a nursing home that failed to keep the hot water regulated properly. Our client began to fill the bathtub and sat down in the water. She sustained 3rd degree burns by sitting in the scalding water for just a few seconds, requiring a skin graft. The case was settled shortly before trial.

$425K Settlement

Injured by a Dog

Our client was taking a walk in her neighborhood when a dog on leash encircled her causing her to fall and fracture her leg. The defendant attempted to deny that she was the owner of the dog. But after thorough investigation, we were able to prove that the defendant did indeed own the dog. The case settled at mediation.