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Our Bus Accident Lawyers Are On Your Side

For more than 30 years, our lawyers have been representing clients who have been injured in bus accidents throughout Southern California. Whether as a pedestrian, a driver, bicyclist or bus passenger, if you have been involved in such a bus accident, you need seasoned bus accident lawyers on your side. These cases often involve intricate legal complexities.

You may have been involved in an accident that involved a tour bus, commuter bus, an airport mass transit vehicle, a metro bus or other similar vehicle. Local governments, large corporations, and massive insurance companies may all have a stake in your case. Furthermore, bus maintenance records, driver background, and vehicle safety may all be at issue. Our injury attorneys know what to look for in such cases.

At Freeman & Freeman, LLP, we have recovered more than $220 million dollars in compensation.

Common Causes Of Bus Crashes And Mass Transit Accidents In Woodland Hills

A study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration concluded that human factors were the most common cause of bus crashes and mass transit accidents. In 90% of the study cases, such accidents were caused by human error including bus driver errors.

The report cited some of the following examples of driver negligence that contributed to mass transit accidents and bus catastrophes: texting while driving, speeding in bad weather and abrupt lane changes.

Poorly trained drivers, inadequate safety equipment, poorly maintained vehicles, drug or alcohol abuse, municipal government failure to ensure safe road conditions…the list is long for the possible causes of a mass transit accident. Our Woodland Hills bus accident lawyers know how to uncover the truth in such cases.

Bus accident cases require the specialized work of an experienced California bus accident lawyer. Public bus systems are usually shielded by complex negligence standards because of the government’s interest in immunity from private lawsuits.

For this and many other reasons, a qualified bus accident lawyer is essential for such lawsuits. Our lawyers have navigated these complicated cases many times before. Any of the following parties may be responsible:

  • Private bus company: if the bus is owned by a private company, it may be found liable for passenger injury if it failed to keep the bus properly maintained and an unsafe condition leads to an accident (such as faulty brakes, bald tires, malfunctioning
    doors, etc.). The company is also responsible for hiring qualified drivers. If driver negligence was the cause of the accident, there is a high likelihood that the company will be held liable.
  • State or local government: if the bus is government-owned, the city, county, or state is responsible for its drivers and for the proper maintenance of its buses. The government may also be liable for failing to maintain roads where an unsafe condition caused an accident.
  • Bus driver: a bus driver can also be held individually liable for passenger injury if his or her negligence caused an accident. However it is usually the driver’s employer and its insurance company that is held financially responsible.
  • Bus maintenance companies: if the bus owner contracts with an outside company to maintain its buses in a safe condition, that company may be sued if a bus accident is caused by negligent maintenance.
  • Bus manufacturers: the manufacturer, retailer or distributor of a bus (or one of its component parts) may be held liable if a manufacturing defect caused an accident.
  • Other motor vehicle drivers: drivers of other vehicles may be held liable if their negligence caused a bus accident. The owner of the vehicle or the employer of the driver may also be liable in some circumstances especially if the incident is related to a truck accident.

No matter the reason for the crash or who the liable parties may be, our injury lawyers will help you seek well-deserved compensation. We have provided caring and experienced legal services to our clients.

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