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At Freeman & Freeman, LLP, we have been fighting for justice and compensation for dog bite victims for over 40 years. While no attorney can say that they win all of their cases, if we take your case, it is because we are highly confident that we will win. Our confidence is based on decades of success.

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When a dog injures a child, the long-term damages can be significant. The child may experience nightmares, anxiety around restrained dogs, and other psychological consequences. Adults can also experience anxiety and fear.

And the physical scarring – usually to the face – may result in the need for extensive medical treatment. The dog’s owner must be held accountable. They and their insurance company must provide support for recovery from dog bite injuries.

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Freeman & Freeman, LLP, represents victims of dog bites, dog attacks, and dog maulings. Whether you were attacked as an adult or your child has been attacked by a dog, we can help. Dogs can cause tremendous damage in a short amount of time with their teeth and their claws no matter the size of the animal. Furthermore, large dogs often use their weight to knock children down.

This can lead to significant injury. Dog bites, scratches, and other forms of violence occur far too often throughout Los Angeles and the entire nation. By holding irresponsible dog owners accountable perhaps we can reduce these disturbing numbers. The statistics on dog bites and animal attacks in America are alarming:

  • Almost 5 million people are bitten by dogs annually.
  • 800,000 of those bitten need medical attention.
  • 1,000 of those bitten need hospital treatment.
  • Most victims are children.
  • The face is the most frequent target and can result in blindness and permanent disfigurement.

Each year the number of children and adults seriously injured or killed by dogs increases dramatically. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that California leads the nation in fatal dog attacks and dog bite injuries.

Woodland Hills Dog Bite Lawyers Seek Compensation For Medical And Emotional Damage

The medical costs associated with dog bites are astounding, but the emotional costs can be even higher. Victims who survive often become afraid to go for walks or ride their bikes in fear of another attack. Being fearful and having nightmares often becomes commonplace.

Victims of dog bites can even become petrified around dogs that are restrained. Our experienced Woodland Hills dog bite injury lawyers seek full and fair compensation for medical and psychological damages in such cases.

Experienced Woodland Hills Dog Bite Lawyers On Dog Owner Liability

California has a strict liability dog bite statute: the owner of a dog is liable for damages inflicted by their dog if it bites a person who is either in a public place or lawfully in a private place. This includes being legally on the dog owner’s property.

A dog bite victim is entitled to compensation for both physical and emotional injuries even if the dog has never bitten anyone before and the dog owner had no idea that the dog would bite. There is no excuse for a dog to bite a guest or a person who is simply in a public space. The dog’s owner must restrain the animal. If they do not, they must be held responsible.

If you are the victim of a dog bite, animal attack or mauling, you need aggressive and competent representation. Please contact us online or call 818-992-2919 for a free legal consultation and to determine your best course of action.