A City Bus Slams Into A BMW After Being Forced Out of It’s Lane By A Dump Truck

An accident involving a Metro bus, a BMW sedan and a runaway dump truck occurred on the 7600 block of Hollywood Blvd. on Tuesday morning at about 8 a.m. Many injuries were sustained, but fortunately no fatalities were reported.

The bizarre accident started when an unattended dump truck wildly rolled down the street, heading right toward the bus. The bus driver apparently reacted by trying to avoid the truck, swerving into the eastbound lanes, where he struck the BMW. The BMW was occupied by a mother and her ten year old daughter, on their way to the girl’s school.

The BMW was struck by the bus, which pushed the car back quite some distance.

The collision caused the mother to be trapped in the car, where she remained for at least 20 minutes until firefighters were able to conduct an emergency release procedure and cut her free. The mother was hospitalized in serious condition and suffered a fractured left leg. Her daughter, fortunately, was able to escape from the crunched car. She was taken to the hospital as well but was treated only for minor injuries.

At least 17 bus passengers were taken to local hospitals for examination and treatment of injuries. Some passengers were treated for cuts that were sustained as they escaped through shattered emergency windows. The bus driver was also hospitalized, where he was listed in fair condition.

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