Binge Drinking Higher among Women

Contrary to popular belief, women are very likely to drink heavily, even though the overall rates of binge drinking or excessive drinking are much lower among women than men. However, women are definitely bridging the alcohol gap with males.

According to data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women are not only likely to binge drink, but are also much more likely to drink more alcohol in a single bingeing session. Binge drinking is defined as the drinking of four or more alcoholic beverages during a single session of excessive drinking.

However, statistics indicate that women, who binge, drink more than the minimum 4 beverages during the session. On an average, these women drink six beverages during a single session of binge drinking. They are also more likely to drink excessively, bingeing, on an average, at least three times a month.

Those are scary statistics, and they seem to indicate that the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol involving women is something that must be addressed by tackling binge drinking. Many women may believe that bingeing like this at least three times a month, is fun, liberating, and places them on an equal footing with males. However, this is not the area in which women should strive for equality of the sexes.

Bingeing may have an even worse effect on women than men. Women absorb alcohol much more quickly, which means drinking six or more alcoholic beverages in a single session, could lead to a severely intoxicated state. A woman, who attempts to drive in a severely impaired state like this, is likely to cause a serious or even fatal car accident.

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