Brain injuries can cause heart problems

Traumatic brain injuries can occur when the head is shaken violently in a car crash or slip-and-fall accident. The neurological effects of TBIs have long been researched. New research indicates that these injuries may also affect the heart.

The connection between brain injuries and the heart

A TBI research team recently examined the connection between the heart and brain . They discovered that neuroinflammation, which occurs after a TBI, may increase a TBI survivor’s risk of brain dysfunction and cardiovascular issues. Neuroinflammation is where immune cells are activated in response to an infection.

TBI survivors may experience cardiovascular issues because neuro-inflammation following a TBI may make their arteries susceptible to hardening. Sleep disturbances and weight gain following a brain injury may increase this risk. Researchers suggested that clinicians’ health management guidelines should address TBI survivors’ cardiovascular health more directly in light of the research results.

How an attorney can help following a TBI

An individual may suffer a brain injury in a car crash resulting from another driver’s speeding, or a brain injury may happen in a trip-and-fall accident at a store due to the owner’s failure to remove debris from the floor. Individuals who have suffered TBIs due to other individuals’ negligence in California may file personal injury claims against the reportedly at-fault parties, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages sustained. Successfully litigated claims may lead to monetary damages to cover their accident-related losses, including ongoing medical costs and the loss of wages due to being unable to return to work following their injury-causing accidents.

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