Dog Bite Leaves TV Anchor with 70 Stitches on Face

A television anchor, who was bitten by a dog during live broadcast while she was interviewing the dog’s owner, expects to undergo more surgical procedures to repair the damage to her face.

Kyle Dyer, an anchor on Denver’s KUSA-TV channel suffered injuries when the dog leaped on her face, and mauled her. The dog had just been rescued from an icy pond, and Dyer was interviewing the owner of the dog and the firefighter involved in the rescue. At the time of the attack, Dyer was kneeling on the floor, petting the dog when he suddenly attacked her face.

Dyer was rushed to the hospital, where according to a post on her Facebook Wall, she required 70 stitches on the lips and nose. According to her Facebook post, she underwent a four-hour surgery to fix the damage to her upper and lower lips, as well as the nose. She mentions in her post that is she still unable to talk, because her lips have been sewn shut to allow the skin grafts to heal.

Meanwhile, the owner of the dog has been cited with failure to have a dog on leash and allowing the dog to bite. He’s expected to be in court on February 29.

This was a dog bite that took place in front of thousands of horrified viewers. However, as San Fernando Valley dog bite attorneys know, these attacks can take place virtually anywhere. Most dog bites take place in people’s homes, but San Fernando dog bite lawyers also find that these bites occur when dogs escape from yards, or when they’re being taken for a walk in the park. Most dog bite victims are children, who also account for some of the most serious injuries in dog bites.

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