Exercise Equals Safer Senior Drivers

As seniors age, there are delays in responses, slower reflexes, and other issues that affect their ability to drive safely and responsibly. However, Thousand Oaks car accident lawyers believe that exercise programs that focus heavily on strength building and flexibility can help reduce age-related impairments, helping seniors drive safely, even as they get older.

There are specific age-related problems that affect senior motorists and their ability to drive safely. For instance, back pain, stiffness, and other problems can reduce a senior’s ability to turn around, and look for vehicles in his blind spot. That means the senior is at a higher risk of being involved in an accident with a motorist that he has not even seen.

Scientists at the MIT Lab worked together with the Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence to look at how exercise programs that specifically focus on flexibility, range of motion, coordination and strength building helped senior drivers drive better. They found that when seniors participated in a program like this, it actually helped them turn around much more quickly. The seniors also reported that they found it much easier to back up their cars, compared to drivers who did not participate in the exercise program.

Apart from regular exercise program, senior motorists can also take other steps to keep reduce the risk of accidents by avoiding very busy times of the day for driving, and avoiding unknown routes. Cut down driving at night as much as possible, and get your vision tested every year.

Seniors need to drive in order to remain mobile and active, and stay healthy. Statistics find that when senior motorists lose their ability to drive, there is a negative impact on their health. Family members have a major role to play in helping keep senior motorists safe. Monitor the senior in your home, and look for signs that his driving ability may be impaired.

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