How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Take?

Time is precious. You will find that it becomes even more precious when you are injured, have bills due, and are largely depending on a personal injury settlement to get everything paid. However, personal injury cases are often not quick closes. Depending on the nature of the accident, they can take a while to come to a conclusion. For some, they may wonder if the suit is even worth it, but that often depends on how long the case takes.

Factors that Affect the Time of a Personal Injury Case
Every type of personal injury case is different. How long a premises liability case takes may be vastly different from an auto accident case. Furthermore, each individual personal injury case is different as well. This means predicting the time it will take, even on average, can be near impossible. However, there are some common factors that do affect the time your personal injury case will take.

Proof – Even in personal injury cases, you are charged with the burden of proof. In some cases, you need to prove that negligence was responsible for your injury. In other cases, you have to prove a breach of duty. The more you have to prove, the longer the case may take. Not only because there is more work to do, but there is more evidence that your lawyer has to gather.
Treatment – The more treatment that you need, the more it could push back the actual legal proceedings. Your lawyer will be doing the majority of the work, but it can be difficult if you were, for example, recovering from surgeries.
Preparing Witnesses – Your lawyer may need time to prepare their witnesses. Especially expert witnesses that need to actually come to the area. Furthermore, if the claim requires any forensic experts, it will take time for these witnesses to examine the evidence.
Complications – It can happen, but rarely is a personal injury case straight out of a textbook. There is always some kind of complication that will add time to the case. In fact, some injured clients can do it to themselves. If they were to lie or exaggerate parts of their case, it is only adding time to how long it will take.
The Defendant – In many cases, you collect compensation from the insurance company of the other person. These cases can be quicker to resolve depending on the proof provided. If the evidence is strong for the injured party, the claims adjuster won’t fight it as hard. However, if you are pressing a personal injury claim against a business, such as a department store, they can infinitely extend out the timeline. The more resources the defendant has to pay for a legal team, the more they can draw a case out. In some cases, they may do so just to get the case against them dropped.
All of these factors can work to extend the timeline of your personal injury case. If you want to know an estimate for your case in particular, it is best to talk it over with your lawyer. If you need the money, your lawyer may also be able to suggest options to help make ends meet until the case reaches a conclusion.

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