How Motorists Can Cause Motorcyclist Accidents

Motorist errors or negligence remain one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents in Burbank. While there are a number of hazards facing motorcyclists- sharp curves, debris on the road – the fact remains that motorist error is a major cause of motorcycle accidents.

A motorist may be negligent in a number of ways contributing to a motorcyclist accident. Rash driving practices like driving at excessive speeds, or drunk driving can place a motorcyclist at risk. A motorist who is speeding, or is alcohol-impaired, may not even notice a motorcyclist in time to stop and accident. Besides, when a speeding motorist is involved in an accident with a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is at risk of serious injuries because of the high impact of a typical speeding-related accident.

Distracted driving is another problem that motorcyclists need to look out for. There are far too many distracted motorists on the road, and a driver who is focused on reading a text message or talking on a cell phone is less likely to see a motorcycle in time to avoid a possibly serious accident.

Sometimes, motorcyclist errors can take the form of failing to obey traffic rules. Failure to yield to a motorcyclist when a motorist is required to do so, or failure to obey traffic signs and signals can prove especially dangerous to motorcyclists.

In all these cases, a motorcyclist may be able to name the motorist as a party in a personal injury claim. You can recover damages when you’re injured in an accident involving a negligent motorist. An investigation of the accident can identify the types of motorist negligence that caused the accident and your injuries. To identify all of the parties liable in your claim, speak to a Burbank motorcycle accident lawyer.

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