Medication Use Amplifies Accident Risks for Senior Drivers

Side effects from medications can increase the risk of accidents for senior motorists in Burbank. An overwhelming majority of senior motorists are on at least one medication and many of them are on more than one medication. That means that many of them may be at risk of driving while drowsy, fatigued, incoherent, confused, disoriented, or suffering from other side effects. Financial difficulties, and decimated pension plans have forced many seniors to postpone their retirement plans. Many of them continue to remain in the workforce, which means more numbers of them driving. According to an AAA Foundation study, older motorists are much more likely to suffer from a medical condition, and take medications to manage these. The use of multiple medications is very high among this group of motorists. More than 90% of senior motorists are on some prescription medication, and two- thirds of those are on more than two medications. However, senior motorists show a strong and admirable tendency to self -police their own driving. Those who use medications or had a medical condition were much more likely to report that they had reduced their daily travel with more than three- quarters of drivers above the age of 65 admitting to this. Many of them also drive for fewer days each week, and also avoid driving at night when it is much riskier to drive. Senior motorists must discuss their medication plan with their doctors, and ask for alternatives to medications that increase the risk of impaired driving. Be clearly aware of the kind of side effects that are linked to the prescription drugs that you are on. Try to restrict your driving to the daytime, or take routes that are less busy.

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