Multi-vehicle crash kills 5, injures several others

Multi-vehicle crash kills 5, injures several others

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Speeding causes or contributes to thousands of vehicle accidents in California and across the country each year. Another top cause for accidents is drivers running red lights, and both appear to have caused a horrendous fiery accident in Los Angeles. The crash killed five people and injured several others, and now, those affected by the tragedy are likely considering their options for legal recourse.

Details concerning the crash

The crash happened on Thursday, Aug. 4, in the Windsor Hills neighborhood. A 40-year-old woman who was driving a Mercedes sedan was reportedly speeding and ran through a red light. She collided with several vehicles in the intersection, and the crash caused the cars to catch fire. Several occupants were flung from their vehicles.

The deceased victims included three adults, one of whom was pregnant, and an infant. At least eight others suffered injuries in the wreck, including six children. The Mercedes driver reportedly suffered major injuries.

Seeking compensation

As they deal with their losses and injuries, the injured victims and surviving family members of the deceased may pursue civil actions against the alleged at-fault driver and any separate owner of the vehicle she was operating. Through a successful showing of negligence on the part of the Mercedes driver, affected parties may obtain compensation for end-of-life expenses, medical costs and more. An experienced personal injury attorney in California can explain the victims’ rights and options for pursuing recovery of monetary damages, and he or she will focus on helping those adversely affected by this terrible accident obtain the maximum amount possible.

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