POOL ACCIDENTS AND DROWNING INJURIES: What to do if You’ve been Injured

According to the CDC, each year hundreds of children die and thousands more are injured in swimming pool accidents; these happen in public pools, on private property and even water parks. Here in California, the summer months are particularly hazardous with school out, warm weather and plenty of children playing in and around water. There are several ways you could be injured in a swimming pool accident. The most common and unfortunate form of swimming pool accident involves small children. If a pool has not been properly secured, or if the child has not been adequately supervised tragedy could result.

Pool Accidents and Drowning Injuries

if you are visiting a private home, staying in a hotel or anywhere that has a pool, then that pool needs to be properly secured. Children should not be allowed to access the swimming area without supervision. Drownings can happen in an instant. The owner of the pool needs to make sure that children can’t easily access the swimming area without supervision. In 2015 a child died at Disney World’s Art of Animation resort because he was able to access the swimming pool in the middle of the night. Disney is since put a fence around this pool and around every other resort pool on their property. When a business doesn’t take proper precautions or homeowner fails to fence in their pool securely a child could drown or be catastrophically injured. Commercial and residential pool owners who fail to secure their swimming area could be held liable for the injuries and death that result from their lack of action.

What to do if You’ve Been Injured in a Pool Accident

Even in properly enclosed pool areas children and adults can be injured by unsafe conditions. The behavior of others in the pool area, the cleanliness of the pool itself and the maintenance of the surrounding area can all contribute to accidents in the pool. Even those who have been able to be resuscitated or have avoided death can have significant brain injury after a pool accident. If you or your child has been injured in a pool accident seek out medical help immediately. Document the conditions of the pool and the incident; take photographs, interview witnesses have the commercial establishment file a report about the accident. Seek out legal help. A personal injury attorney can help you get the help you need after a pool related injury or accident. Never accept a settlement or money from an insurance agency without speaking to an attorney first. The company that injured you or the party that injured you needs to be held responsible for that accident. Contact us to learn more about protecting your rights after a swimming pool accident or injury. Whether you’ve been hurt yourself or your child has been a victim we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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