Promoting safety by knowing how bicycle accidents occur

The onset of spring weather may mark a time in which many are excited to park their vehicles and hit the open road on their bikes. However, with warmer temperatures year-round in California, you may choose to enjoy the benefits of riding your bike by choosing it as a primary means of transportation.

Whether cycling is a hobby or a means of travel, the topic of safety may be a constant concern, as your routes may prompt a need to ride near traffic. Knowing some of the most common scenarios in which bicycle-related collisions occur could play a vital role in helping you prepare for the journey ahead.

Knowing the hazards

It is no secret that bicycle accidents can occur under various scenarios and can carry dire repercussions. Some common hazards you might face as a cyclist might include:

  • Reckless drivers:Studies indAicate that drivers who exhibit reckless behaviors such as excessive speeding could pose a substantial threat to others nearby. Cyclists might struggle to reach safety when a fast-moving vehicle crosses into their paths.
  • Driver inattention:Drivers who lose focus on the task at hand may place the safety of everyone nearby at risk. Accidents involving the presence of distraction could pose a dire threat to cyclists.
  • Visibility as a concern:Even if cyclists take every possible measure to improve their visibility, if a nearby driver fails to spot a cyclist before changing lanes or navigating a turn, the results could prove cataclysmic.
  • Intersection hazards:Intersections are a hotspot for cyclist-related collisions, as drivers might not always yield the right-of-way to a cyclist before crossing through the area.

It could also be essential to exercise caution while riding in areas with streetside parking, as the sudden opening of a car door could also pose a significant threat to your health.

Fallout of a bicycle crash

A bicycle-related collision could carry disastrous ramifications that may leave you with serious or even life-altering injuries. While knowing some common causes of such incidents can be helpful, it might not always be possible to react to the negligent actions of a nearby driver in time to escape danger. As such, it could also prove helpful to seek insight on your available options and the next steps to take to protect your interests should a similar scenario lead to a potentially life-changing event.

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