Summer Camp Injuries

You may have sent your children to summer camp for a few weeks of fun, but you may be surprised to learn that many camp injuries occur during so-called supervised activities.

Summer camp is an annual ritual for many parents. However, according to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, many of the injuries at summer camp occur during supervised activities. Further, the risk of injuries increases when the summer camp is for a duration of 14 days or more.

Parents need to be vigilant about researching the summer camp, and must do their research well in advance to make sure that the place that they’re sending their child to, is safe. Look for summer camps that are accredited by the American Camp Association. Besides, make sure that the camp that you’re considering has a director who meets the minimum standards, set by the American Camp Association.

Look for a camp that meets your child’s unique interests and abilities. Ensure that the camp meets all the requirements for safe transport of children, and complies with all seat restraint rules. Ensure that the camper-counselor ratio is optimum. Look at the age of the counselors, the type of training that they have and the experience that they have with children of your child’s age. Ask about the behavior management policy at the camp, and also ask about how the camp will handle emergencies and medication issues.

Don’t send your child to a camp without inquiring if the camp has experienced persons on hand to perform emergency CPR or artificial resuscitation, and whether the camp requires children to wear safety equipment like a safety helmet while participating in some of the most risky activities like hiking and horseback riding.

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