Van crash claims lives of 2 actors, injures 6 others

Many people in California and elsewhere enjoy watching “The Chosen One” on Netflix. The show has gained in popularity, but the production recently experienced a tragedy. Two of the actors of the series were killed in a van crash, which also injured six others.

Accident details
The crash happened on June 16, but the report did not specify a time. The report also does not mention what may have caused the crash, but it did state the van carrying the occupants flipped over. The production company involved with the series is cooperating with authorities and maintains that it followed all safety protocols.

However, a novelist with close ties to the production crew posted on social media that cast members were concerned with safety protocols, particularly with the transportation vans. They claim the vehicle has worn tires and faulty seat belts as well as other mechanical issues that affected the brakes and steering. The crash occurred in Mexico as the van was transporting the actors and others to the airport.

Right to compensation
As is their right, the surviving family of the two deceased actors can pursue wrongful death claims against Netflix, the production company and others who may have contributed to the horrible tragedy. Likewise, those injured may pursue personal injury claims. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney in California, affected parties can increase their chances of obtaining a successful outcome while holding those responsible for their suffering accountable for their actions.

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