Woman killed after car crashed into store

A woman from Woodland Hills sadly lost her life and several others were injured when a car crashed into the store in which they were shopping. The incident occurred at a Halloween store in Van Nuys around 8 p.m. on Halloween. The driver responsible has been arrested and charged with murder.

Accident details

According to reports, a young man, 18, had been involved in a street takeover event and left abruptly, followed by an LAPD helicopter, although authorities did not state that it was an official pursuit. He was speeding along Woodley Avenue at very high speeds when, for reasons yet unknown, he crashed into a corner store in the 7600 block. The crash killed a young woman in the store, age 20, and injured several others. The report did not state whether the driver suffered any injuries.

The woman was declared deceased at the accident scene, and the other victims were treated for injuries described as not life-threatening. The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Urban Search and Rescue was working to determine the building’s stability following the crash. One officer stated that since the driver was speeding so fast through a residential area, the outcome could have been far worse.

Legal recourse

Considering the driver was taken into custody and now face charges involving suspicion of murder, the surviving family of the decedent may have grounds to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver. Additionally, those injured reserve the right to file civil claims against the driver as well, seeking compensation. In all cases, those victimized by this senseless tragedy will want to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer to increase their chances for a successful outcome.

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