2 dead in California motor vehicle crash

Two individuals lost their lives in a recent motor vehicle collision in California. The head-on, two vehicle accident occurred on Highway 4. Many of these kinds of collisions are the result of negligence by one or both drivers.

Events leading up to the accident

The California crash took place at around 6:40 a.m. According to police, a 21-year-old woman was driving an automobile east on the highway. Apparently, she attempted to pass another car while going around a bend in the roadway, reducing her visibility.

Police said the woman breached double yellow lines on the highway. She then crashed directly into a pickup truck operated by a 51-year-old man. Both drivers passed away at the crash scene.

Legal recourse available following the wreck

The surviving family members of the deceased man may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the estate of the woman who reportedly caused the California crash, seeking monetary damages. Even though the woman also died in the accident, the man’s loved ones still have the right to file a suit against her estate. Likewise, their suit can be filed against anyone else with an ownership interest in the car she was driving when the crash happened. A successful claim could result in an award of monetary damages to cover the deceased man’s burial costs and even the loss of support for his surviving dependents. No amount of money can undo what has already occurred, but a financial damage award may help the man’s loved ones to move forward from the tragedy.

A pursuit of justice

The aftermath of an accident is life-changing, particularly if a loved one tragically dies in the crash. Legal help from an attorney with experience in wrongful death claims may be unable to turn back the clock. However, that advocacy could provide another level of justice and help loved ones who are trying to move on.

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