2 killed while arguing about car accident

Although car accidents themselves can be fatal, sometimes, the actions of the motorists following the collision can cause more harm and lead to fatalities. Such was the case in a recent incident that took place in Alameda County on Interstate 80 in the early morning hours of Monday, Sept. 13.

The events that took place

Apparently, two drivers were involved in a minor accident on I-80 and had gotten out of their cars to argue about the cause of the crash. As they were doing so, another motorist swerved to avoid the accident scene and ended up striking both of the arguing men, causing their deaths. A female passenger in one of the vehicles who got out to argue as well suffered injuries due to being hit by flying debris and was treated at a hospital. Authorities do not suspect that alcohol or drug impairment caused the second, fatal collision. No word was given as to what caused the initial crash.

In the report, a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol reminded motorists what to do in the event of an accident. If possible, people should move their vehicles from the roadway and remain far clear of their damaged vehicles. If the vehicles cannot be moved because of damage, the occupants should remain in their vehicles with their seatbelts on and refrain from walking around the accident or standing in the roadway.

Possible civil claims

The report states that the driver who struck the two men stayed at the scene and cooperated with authorities. Since the men who were killed were outside their vehicles and in the roadway at the time of the second collision, and since the man driving the car that stuck them reportedly swerved to avoid hitting the men, establishing negligence on the part of that driver may be challenging. However, all parties involved will likely wait on the final outcome of the official investigation before moving forward with any civil claims. At that time, an experienced personal injury attorney can help any interested and vested parties with determining their options to pursue compensation.

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