Crash on 110 Freeway claims one life

Los Angeles is known for its heavy traffic, which likely led to a horrific accident on the 110 Freeway early on a recent Tuesday morning. The accident claimed the life of one person and shut down several lanes of the freeway for hours. More details will likely become available as authorities complete their investigation.

As with all motor vehicle accidents of this type, the surviving family of the deceased has the right to pursue a wrongful death claim against those deemed responsible for the collision. Likewise, those who suffered serious injuries in the crash have the option of pursuing personal injury claims to pursue compensation for the damages they sustained. Before victims proceed with any legal recourse, authorities typically determine who caused the accident.

Accident details

Although news reports of the accident offer scant details regarding the collision, the California Highway Patrol did confirm that a multi-vehicle accident occurred around 5 a.m. in the University Park area near Adams Boulevard. No information was given as to the identity, age or gender of the deceased victim, and no information was provided regarding any other injuries resulting from the crash. Authorities shut down lanes four and five of the freeway as they conducted their investigation.

Seeking compensation and justice

As authorities determine who caused the crash, the surviving members of the deceased family retain the option of pursuing compensation for their loss through a wrongful death claim. Similarly, those injured in the crash may pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. Either way, the plaintiffs must prove negligence on the part of the driver believed responsible before the court will adjudicate a claim and award damages. Those adversely affected can speak with an experienced personal injury attorney for assistance obtaining the finances they need to cover any funeral arrangements, medical care and other expenses stemming from the accident.

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