Connected Trucks Spell Next Level in Safety

In the near future, heavy duty as well as light duty trucks may be able to communicate with other trucks as well as other vehicles in the vicinity that are equipped with similar vehicle communication technology. These vehicles may be able to transmit data that can result in an accident warning for a motorist or a truck driver. The technology has the potential to save many lives every year.

The National Transportation Safety Board recently focused on connected vehicle technologies, or vehicles that transmit data using Wi-Fi technologies. In these vehicles, the technology is contained in a device that can be mounted inside the vehicle either on the dashboard, or as part of the car’s components. The device can also be inserted as part of the smartphone.

The technology will transmit data signals with similar technology in other vehicles that are also equipped with the same devices. Once the data has been received, these devices can deliver appropriate warning signals, cautioning the driver to apply the brakes, or to slow down speeds. The warning may be delivered in the form of a glowing light, an audible alert, or a vibrating of the steering wheel. Those details will be left to automakers to implement. In the future, all vehicles will be able to communicate with each other, and this will substantially help reduce the risk of accidents except those caused by drunk drivers.

What is really important for Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyers to learn however is that now that the National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that the federal administration start working on standards for the technology, it could ultimately lead to a mandate for such technology in all vehicles.

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