Older Patients Play Critical Role in Fall Prevention

Senior citizens, who have already suffered a fracture as a result of a slip and fall accident, can play a very important role in helping reduce the risk of future slip and falls and fractures. According to new research, people over the age of 50 who have suffered a fracture, often play a very central role in preventing future fractures.

The researchers say that the study that they have conducted on senior citizens, will have a substantial impact on elder care and prevention of slip and falls involving senior citizens, because thus far, the efforts made to help reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries involving seniors after a fall, have proved to have limited success.

According to the researchers, a senior citizen who has already suffered a slip and fall accident understands the risks involved, and is much more likely to understand the potential risk of another fracture in the future. He therefore, is much more likely to actually do something about it. Older patients who have suffered fractures as a result of slip and fall accidents have what are known as fragility fractures.

According to the study, which was published recently online in the Journal of Osteoporosis International, it is very important that senior citizens understand the results of tests for bone mineral density. According to the researchers, it is only when the patient and patients understand these risks that they’re able to take steps to prevent another slip and fall. Seniors are therefore seen as playing a very critical role in their own care. Slip and fall accidents are widespread among the senior community. Approximately 50% of all women above the age of 50, and one in five men of the same age will suffer a slip and fall accident.

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