Motorcycle Accident Prevention Tips

The danger of being involved in an accident for motorcyclists is never higher than it is during the summer season, with motorcyclists sharing the road with more numbers of motorists, many of who are hostile to their presence on the road. It goes without saying that motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of being involved in an accident over the summer, and must take steps to protect their own safety. The most important thing that you can do as a motorcyclist to reduce your risk of suffering traumatic brain injury in an accident is to wear a helmet. Avoid wearing fancy helmets that are not stable enough to protect your skull and brain from injury. The Department of Transportation requires that all helmets sold in the country come with an agency compliant sticker. Wear clothing that is designed to protect your limbs and body from injuries. For example, wear long pants, ankle length boots, and full-sleeved clothing. Your clothing should preferably be made of rough, thick material like leather, denim and corduroy, to help absorb impact when you fall in an accident. If you’re a beginner motorcyclist, take the time for a motorcycle safety riding program before you begin riding. Make sure you are as visible to other motorists as possible. That means wearing brightly colored clothes and a neon colored helmet. It also means that you position yourself well in a lane, so that you are visible to motorists around you, especially those behind you. Remember, that a motorist cannot avoid hitting you if he cannot see you. Unfortunately, motorcycles are very easy to miss because of their slim frame. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that motorcyclists are approximately 25 times more likely to be killed in an accident, compared to passenger car occupants.

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