Crash in Sacramento claims 2 lives

Excessive speed is blamed for numerous vehicle accidents each year in California and across the country. All too often, a lot of those accident involve heavy damage to other vehicles because of the high speeds one or more vehicles are traveling, and the impact can cause serious and even fatal injuries to other motorists and their passengers. Such seems to be the case in a tragic car crash in Sacramento that claimed two lives.

Accident details

A news report regarding the accident was published in the evening of May 21, but it did not state exactly when the accident occurred. The crash happened on Stockton Blvd between Riza Avenue and 65th Street, and officials had to close the road to traffic in order to investigate the accident and clean up the aftermath. Officials determined that a car was speeding when it collided with another vehicle carrying two occupants.

Both vehicles sustained major damage, and both occupants of the car that was struck suffered fatal injuries in the crash. The driver of the alleged speeding vehicle reportedly suffered major injuries. One of the deceased victims was described as a 46-year-old female, but the report did not identify the other decreased victim or the alleged at-fault driver.

Seeking compensation

Considering the official police report lists excessive speed as the cause of the crash, surviving family members may be able to use that information in wrongful death claims against the alleged at-fault driver plus anyone else who has ownership interest in his or her vehicle. Only after proving negligence or recklessness on the part of the speeding driver will the court adjudicate the case and consider an award of monetary damages to the victims Those adversely affected will want to work closely with an experienced personal injury attorney in California for assistance.

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