Crash on I-80 claims 1 life, injures others

Driving on the interstate in California and other states is not without its share of risks. With so many vehicles traveling a relatively high speeds in close proximity, the potential for an accident is significant. Furthermore, because of the speed cars travel on interstates, any accidents that do occur can be very serious or even fatal. Sadly, one individual lost his life in an accident on I-80 recently.

Accident details

Close to 6:50 a.m. the morning of Tuesday, May 10, a Ford F-650 truck was heading west along I-80 near Dixon. The truck collided with the back of another truck, which forced the struck vehicle into the median’s guardrail. The F-650 then continued along the road until it struck a Volvo tractor-trailer.

Reportedly, the driver of the F-650 passed away at the accident scene. The truck’s passenger, not identified, was transported to a local hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries. No word was given as to whether the other motorists involved in the crash suffered injuries, but the crash closed all lanes of the interstate for several hours.

Legal recourse for victims

Authorities are continuing their investigation into the crash. If sufficient evidence comes to light that suggests the F-650 driver was negligent or reckless behind the wheel, the injured passenger as well as any of the other victims of the crash may use that information as evidence in a personal injury claim against the driver’s estate plus anyone else who has ownership interest in his truck. Affected parties will want to work closely with an experienced personal injury attorney in California to increase their chances of obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

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