Modesto Woman in Dog Bite Incident Wants Animal Put Down

A Modesto woman, who sustained serious injuries in a dog bite attack last week, is calling for the animal to be put down immediately. The attack occurred when the woman was visiting a home in Oakdale. She was standing outside the house when she was attacked by the dog, a German shepherd. She suffered bite injuries to her hand. Fortunately, her injuries were not life-threatening. The woman has filed a report with animal control. She is asking for the dog to be put down. According to the owner of the dog, the dog is typically tied in the yard, but was outside on the day of the attack. The owner has apologized for the attack, but says that he will not have the dog put down, because it is not an aggressive or vicious dog. The owner also says that he is increasing fencing around his property, to make sure that the dog does not leave the property again. Under California law’s, dogs that are involved in multiple injurious attacks must be put down. The dog is currently in quarantine for 10 days, and is not allowed out of his owner’s property. However, according to the victim, the animal has been out of the property during this quarantine period. A German Shepherd can be aggressive and strong enough to inflict serious damage during an attack. There is no information about whether the animal was involved in any previous attacks. However, it seems clear to Burbank dog bite lawyers from this incident that the woman did nothing to provoke this attack. She did not approach the dog, and did not try to pet it or touch it. In fact, she had no warning of the attack at all. There was no growling, nor barking, before the animal attacked her.

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