Older Drivers Are Safer Than We Believe

Older drivers are not just proud of their driving privileges, but are also able to avoid dangerous situations. This is probably one of the reasons why these drivers are involved in fewer auto accidents compared to many other categories of motorists.

Approximately 90% of senior citizens who participated in a recent survey by the AAA said that it was important for them to retain their driving privileges, and that they would do anything to keep themselves safe on the road in order to continue to retain their driving license. Contrary to what many people believe, many senior drivers do not take unnecessary risks with their safety, or the safety of other drivers.

Approximately 50% of the seniors in the study avoided driving at night, when visibility is poor, and the risks of an accident are greatly enhanced. More than 60% of the seniors in the study admitted that they avoided driving in poor weather. Slippery roads, fog and blinding rain can increase a senior’s risk of an accident. Fortunately, many seniors prefer to stay indoors when the weather is bad.

Approximately 42% of the seniors avoided driving in heavy traffic conditions. About 37% of them admitted that they avoided driving on unfamiliar roads. Driving on unfamiliar roads could lead to a senior motorist driving in the wrong lane, or being distracted trying to look for the road.

The study’s findings are extremely encouraging to any Burbank car accident lawyer. However, it is recommended that family members of senior citizens look for signs of deteriorating driving abilities, and take steps to prevent the motorist from driving anymore. However, taking away the driving privileges of a senior driver is a sensitive matter, and should be approached with great tact and caution.

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