Older Drivers More Likely to Be Involved in Accidents at Intersections

That older motorists face serious challenges when they drive is no secret to any Thousand Oaks car accident attorney.; These drivers face physical challenges, including failing vision and hearing which can affect their ability to drive safely. A new study finds these that these drivers may be much more likely to be involved in accidents at intersections, because of their inability to scan and screen relevant information in certain regions in their environment.

According to the researchers, senior drivers seem to be much more likely to be involved in right-of-way accidents that occur at intersections. In these accidents, Thousand Oaks car accident lawyers typically find that driving hazards emerge from the driver’s side. Senior drivers seem to be less likely to process information that emerges from the side, possibly because they are concentrating so heavily on avoiding hazards on the road directly in front of them.

According to the researchers, senior drivers are at a high risk of accidents, because they have diminished cognitive abilities, like a narrowing of their useful field of view. Also, these drivers are more likely to be involved in such accidents, because they are less likely to judge a vehicle’s speed properly.

Additionally, the physical challenges that senior drivers face, like a lowered ability to control the movement of the vehicle, probably reduces their ability to avoid such collisions. Reflexes also have a lot to do with these accidents. Senior drivers may be less likely to turn their heads quickly to look for an accident hazard approaching from the side.

Interestingly enough, the inability to scan for accident hazards is one crash factor that is present in accidents involving teenage drivers too. However, among young drivers, the reasons for this are inexperience, and lack of driving skills. However, it’s slowing physical and mental abilities that prevent seniors from scanning for accident hazards adequately.

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