The dilemma caused by hidden injuries

In reality, no motor vehicle accident is a minor one. And no injury from a motor vehicle accident is a minor one, either. Some of those minor injuries evolve into ailments that may require emergency surgery.

Some injuries do not surface immediately because they have delayed symptoms. In essence, it is a hidden injury. The pain and discomfort may be only slight at first or even dormant. But those symptoms – a worsening headache, a bruised torso and nausea – may surface hours, days or even months after the initial collision.

Headaches and numbness

Delayed symptoms mean delaying medical treatment. You may have sustained a significant injury and do not even realize it. In extreme cases, delayed treatment may lead to debilitating injuries and even death.

Here are some of the more common delayed injury symptoms victims may experience after a motor vehicle accident:

  • Headaches: The pain may linger and worsen, potential signs of a traumatic brain injury. Surgery, medication and rest may be the only ways to overcome this ailment.
  • Back pain: A rear-end crash can lead to ongoing back pain. It may start in the lower back, working its way up and leading to a lifetime of discomfort that even surgery may not help.
  • Abdominal pain: Do not overlook those bruises. This pain may be a sign of internal bleeding. Organs such as the heart, liver, lungs and spleen may have sustained damage.
  • Numbness: Along with tingling, this represents a potential sign of nerve damage. Your limbs may gradually become immobile. With neck-related pain, whiplash is a possibility.
  • Changes in behavior: This scenario has ties to a head injury. A normally calm and well-mannered person may transform into an insulting loudmouth. Irritability, impatience and difficulty managing emotions also may surface.

Any of these symptoms are warning signs that your health may be in danger.

Do not ignore the signs

You want to wake up in the morning, so please do not ignore even the slightest injury after a motor vehicle collision. That numbness in your leg or worsening headache may lead you to undergo life-saving medical procedures.

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