The possible hazards of driving while drowsy or fatigued

As you work toward checking off your list of objectives for the day, there is a chance you might share California roads with countless others. The decisions each of those around you make while driving could influence your safety, and you might have little to no control over what takes place during your journey.

Some of the hazards you might encounter could include impaired or distracted drivers, but this might not be the only type of negligence nearby. Fatigued or drowsy drivers could also pose a threat to your safety, as such issues can take a devastating toll on one’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Driver fatigue

Experts indicate that fatigue continues to play a role in many motor vehicle accidents, and such incidents run the unfortunate risk of placing the lives of everyone involved in jeopardy. Some of the ways fatigue might affect your driving capabilities could include:

  • Lane control: Studies indicate that those who succumb to fatigue while behind the wheel of a vehicle may struggle to maintain proper lane control. Drifting in and out of lanes of traffic can be exceedingly hazardous.
  • Speed control: Fatigued drivers may also find it difficult to control the speed at which they travel. Frequent changes in speed can create dangerous scenarios.
  • Driver reactions: Drowsy drivers may also suffer from lower response times. The ability to respond is a vital component of safely operating a motor vehicle.
  • Vehicle spacing: Similar concerns can also disrupt your ability to maintain adequate spacing. When combined with low response times, such issues may prove dangerous under any scenario.

While there may be a variety of signs that might indicate the presence of fatigue, it might not always be possible to rely on other drivers to pull over when such issues arise.

When disaster strikes

If the negligent actions of a drowsy driver cause a serious crash to occur, you could be the one left suffering the consequences. Such an incident might leave you with life-changing injuries and facing a need for long-term medical treatment, and medical expenses could place a significant strain on your financial future. While you may not be able to change what took place, you might benefit from seeking guidance on your available legal avenues and on the steps to take to seek the full amount of restitution you deserve.

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