Traffic-related deaths increasing in Los Angeles, nation

The past couple of years have seen an alarming rise in the number of fatal car accidents in Los Angeles, other parts of California and throughout the country. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has proposed a plan to deal with the problem with the lofty but noble goal of reducing roadway fatalities to zero. This announcement comes only weeks after Los Angeles ended the year with a considerable increase in the number of deadly traffic accidents in the city.

Traffic-related death statistics

According to reports, 294 individuals in the City of Angels lost their lives in traffic-related accidents in 2021. This marks an increase of 24% from the previous year, with increases in the number of individuals killed in pedestrian and bicycle accidents as well. Officials place most of the blame on distracted driving, precipitated by cellphone use mostly, as well as speeding and reckless driving. They also point to the fact that car manufacturers have made their vehicles heavier and more dangerous, despite incorporating various automatic safety features.

Los Angeles has always been known as a car-centric city with some of the most congested traffic in the nation. The general manager for the city said she hopes Buttigieg’s plan will be a big win for the city, which has been implementing its own safety programs but would welcome any help and involvement from the federal government. Incidentally, the report stated that traffic-related deaths remained steady or saw slight decreases in the years before the pandemic.

What can victims do?

Although officials are working hard to make road safer in Los Angeles, the rest of California and all across the United States, the grim reality is that fatal traffic accident will still occur despite any initiatives. When a person loses a loved one in a traffic accident caused by another driver’s negligence or wrongdoing, he or she can pursue a wrongful death claim against the parties deemed responsible. Affected parties should always consult an experienced personal injury attorney to help them successfully navigate their claim.

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