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Questions And Answers About Car Accidents

At Freeman & Freeman, LLP, we have addressed the concerns and legal needs of our California injured clients for more than four decades. After a car accident, we know that you may have questions, many concerns and bills to pay. Therefore, we have compiled some of the most common questions from our clients in the hope that they may be useful for you or a loved one, as follows:

Should I talk to the police without my lawyer after an accident?

We are all expected to cooperate with the relevant authorities when required. Therefore, after a car accident, you are expected to answer all the questions of a police officer. We advise you to do the following when speaking with any authority:

  • Never admit you are at fault. Insurance companies and police officers could consider your statements as a confession and use them against you.
  • Keep calm at all times. Aggressive answers or attitudes can also play against you if your case escalates. We highly advise our clients to remain calm and cooperative with the police and emergency services.
  • Call a lawyer if you believe your rights are at stake. Insurance companies and police officers are highly trained to obtain confessions. If you think your rights were violated, talk to your lawyer to discuss your case.

You can contact an experienced lawyer to file your insurance claim, whether minor or major. A lawyer’s advice and assistance can play an essential part in protecting your rights.

Do I have to report a car collision to the Department of Motor Vehicles?

Yes. Regardless of the severity of the collision and the party at fault, you should report it to the DMV in writing using an SR 1 form within 10 days after the accident. Your insurance agent or legal representative can help you comply with this requirement.

What does it mean that California is an at-fault state?

It means you can recover compensation from the party that was at fault for the accident. Proving liability may be a difficult task that depends on the facts and evidence you are able to provide. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can assist you in gathering the information insurance companies and authorities require to determine liability.

When do I have to take my car accident case to court?

Under certain circumstances, and if the parties cannot agree in significant aspects involving liability, amount of compensation or severity of injuries suffered by the victim(s), your case may go to trial. However, many insurance companies avoid this step and make every effort to settle an issue before it goes to court due to the high costs of litigation.

From filing insurance claims to maximizing compensation or seeking justice, we have fought for our clients and guided them to protect their interests. You pay our fees only after we recover your compensation.

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