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Los Angeles drone injury attorneys are not easy to find because Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) are a relatively new technology and cases involving drone injuries are just beginning to emerge. If you have been injured by a drone, you need to contact highly experienced lawyers who are ready to fight for justice and compensation on your behalf in these complex legal cases. No matter how you were injured, if a drone was involved, contact Freeman & Freeman, LLP. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients throughout Southern California.

Call the Los Angeles drone injury attorneys of Freeman & Freeman, LLP: 818-877-4736 or contact us online.

Initial consultations are free and we represent clients on a contingency basis: we collect nothing unless we win your case. Call us even if you are unsure if you have a case. We will help you determine the next best steps and be completely straightforward regarding your case. If your case has merit, we will use all of our legal resources to fight on your behalf.

Drone Injury Lawsuits will Become More Common

Drone technology is developing exponentially and the cost of drones is coming down. Their presence can be seen in a wide variety of applications. In agriculture, surveillance, journalism, product delivery, law enforcement and even as a personal hobby, drones are becoming as commonplace as other aircraft. As these vehicles fill the low skies over the nation, the chances of negligent or criminal behavior involving these vehicles becomes a guarantee. While some injuries have been reported, more are likely:

  • Drones may contribute to motor vehicle accidents
  • They may create unsafe flying conditions for manned aircraft
  • Drones may injure cyclists and pedestrians
  • Property damage may result from an uncontrolled drone
  • Batteries may fail, midflight, putting people and property on the ground at risk
  • Drones with cameras may be used to violate privacy
  • Manufacturer defects may put the drone operator and other members of the public at risk

The above list represents very few of the many risks related to drones. As drones become more popular and less expensive, they will be purchased as gifts, utilized by private and public entities and become a commonplace in our lives; mishaps will occur.

Whether you were injured by someone else’s drone, your own drone injured you or some other mishap has befallen you due to a drone, the attorneys of Freeman & Freeman, LLP will identify responsible parties—including drone manufacturers—and demand that they offer fair compensation for your drone injuries. Call us now at 818-877-4736 for answers to your questions and a free analysis of your Los Angeles drone injury case.