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Why Dealing with an Uber Accident Is More Complicated than Other Types of Auto Accidents

There are few services that have grown as quickly as Uber & Lyft. In just ten years, these services went from being new curiosities to ubiquitous parts of urban life. People who rarely used taxis now regularly use the word Uber as a verb and “Uber” to dinner or drinks or work on a regular basis.

There are literally tens-of-thousands of Uber drivers in Los Angeles, and while they are not all out on the streets at the same time, Uber and Lyft vehicles are easy to spot no matter where and when you travel the city.

With all these drivers, it of course means that Ubers and Lyfts are often involved in Los Angeles car accidents, but drivers and passengers injured in one of these accidents have discovered that dealing with Uber / Lyft is not like dealing with a regular driver or even a taxi.

Uber & Lyfts are NOT Taxis

It’s easy to think of your Uber as just a modern taxi. From the user (rider) standpoint, it is basically the same thing, with an app replacing a phone call or a loud whistle. Taxis, however, are licensed as professional drivers. An Uber/Lyft driver is a private citizen. They don’t have to take a class or receive any special licensing.

Taxi drivers are also employees of the taxi service they work for. Uber/Lyft drivers are not classified as employees, which greatly reduces the liability to the companies.

The vehicles used by Uber drivers are personal vehicles or vehicles rented by the drivers. Uber and Lyft do not own fleets of cars being used to transport customers. Because these cars are personally owned by the drivers, they are also insured by the drivers own personal policies. If you are a passenger in an Uber and you are involved in an accident, you will NOT be covered as part of that personal car policy held by the driver.

As a passenger, you should be covered by Uber or Lyft’s insurance that is part of every ride, but the companies are getting a reputation for being very difficult to deal with when filing injury claims. Uber famously denied they had any liability at all when a driver killed a young pedestrian between rides back in 2014, but thankfully the State of California changed the laws in 2015 to mandate that ride-share companies must consider their drivers to be “on duty” whenever they are seeking a ride, not just while rides are ongoing. Basically, it means that when a driver has the app open they are considered working.

You Need and Experienced Uber Accident Attorney

The insurance adjusters hired by Uber do not have your best interest in mind. Their first priority is to get you to settle for as little as possible.

Call Freeman & Freeman today and get an experienced Uber / Lyft accident attorney working for you.

We will work directly with the insurance adjusters and make sure you understand you don’t have to accept the first offer made to you by the ride-share companies. We know the laws and we know how to make sure you get the money you deserve.

No one should have to fear how they are going to pay their bills after being injured in a ride-share accident at no fault of their own.

It is important to have an attorney that can navigate these rules and get you the full compensation you deserve. Our firm has successfully handled hundreds of Uber/Lyft cases. Call Freeman & Freeman at 818-992-2919 today and setup a free consultation with a Los Angeles ride-share accident attorney. 



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