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A Drone Injury Lawyer Explains the Risks of Operating a Drone

Thursday, August 04, 2016

If you had an unfortunate encounter with a defective drone or a negligent drone operator a Drone Injury Lawyer can help you decide how to proceed. While popular and useful, drones can be operated almost anywhere, by almost anyone. There are no training or licensing requirements for these incredibly popular devices.

While drones are relatively new to the civilian market, there is a body of civil law that applies to drone operation. The legal risks to you as a drone operator come from three possible sources:

Defective or malfunctioning equipment - The operator or the manufacturer, or both, could be liable if defective equipment leads to property damage or serious injury.

Operator negligence - Drunk, distracted or inattentive operators pose a risk to the public. The bigger and faster the drone is, the more the risk posed by negligence.

Invasion of privacy - Individuals might, under certain conditions, be able to win a legal judgment based on the emotional harm caused by a drone. Buzzing around a home with a camera drone and recording through open windows, for example, could lead to legal problems.

Drone operators, like the operators of so many devices, are legally responsible for any damage they may cause through deliberate abuse of the device or through negligence. Some drones can climb to over 400 feet and fly at up to 100 miles per hour. A drone that crashes from that height or at near that speed can cause serious injuries and significant property damage.

If you were injured by a negligent drone operator contact us to discuss your case.

A Drone Injury Lawyer Will Maximize Your Monetary Compensation from Drone-Related Injuries

Thursday, June 02, 2016

New technologies inevitably increase the possibilities of injuries. The industrial revolution, for example, saw an explosion of machinery-related injuries. The advent of the automobile gave rise to new theories of negligence and damages for injured parties. Drones that have been adapted for personal and business uses are becoming the next frontier of personal injury law. If you suffer an injury from an errant drone, your right to recover damages that injury will be best protected by an experienced drone injury lawyer who understands this technology, and who can identify any negligent parties that caused an injury.

At present, drone operators are subject to the same standards that apply to operators of other machines, namely, they are obligated to use reasonable and customary care to avoid damages and injuries when they operate those drones. This can include, for example, receiving proper training for how and where they are using the drone, and avoiding situations that represent and undue level of risk of injury. An operator who uses his drone only in open or remote locations might be held to a different standard than an operator whose drone is deployed into crowded areas or where visibility is limited.

At least until more standards are imposed or adopted for drone, not all drones are technologically equal. A drone that is poorly designed or manufactured might be used by a skilled operator who has received thorough training, but that drone's manufacturing or design flaws might lead to an accident and injuries. Your drone injury lawyer should be familiar with operating and design standards, as well as with training and operating requirements that may be applicable to drone usage in your vicinity. 

Drone accidents are increasing in frequency, leading many injured parties to seek assistance from attorneys who understand their technology and operation. A New York photographer suffered facial injuries when an errant drone that was used for a promotion clipped his nose and face. A drone that was recording video crashed into spectators at a Virginia festival, injuring several people. An Australian triathlete suffered head injuries when an operator lost control of the device while filming portions of a triathlon race. Some level of negligence was present in each of these incidents.

If you have suffered injuries from a drone accident in southern California or elsewhere, please contact us for an assessment of your case. We understand drone technology and can protect your rights to give the largest potential damages award.



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