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Sherman Oaks Car Accidents Attorney

Sherman Oaks is a well-to-do area within the San Fernando Valley. It might seem large but it is only about 8 miles square. The Sherman Oaks urban area is developed for commercial use and it is also a thriving community where many people live. Thus, there are skyscrapers and office buildings, restaurants, stores, businesses, residences, apartments, and condominiums throughout, depending where you are. In fact, it is so beautiful that it can be distracting to drivers. The Ventura Freeway, the San Diego Freeway, Beverly Glen Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard are heavily traveled, and, unfortunately, are frequently the sites of car and truck and motorcycle accidents.

The San Fernando Valley is an exquisite geographic area within the Los Angeles area. Known as “The Valley,” it consists of a city outlined by the outrageously beautiful Transverse Mountain Range. With a population of more than 1.75 million people, there are many local drivers, drivers passing through the area, and tourists who use the busy streets, roads and freeways 24 hours a day. Because the area is so spread out, the primary form of transportation is the motorized vehicle. Cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles of every size, make and model constantly zip around the city.

Truck & Motorcycle Injuries

Unfortunately, all too often drivers do not pay attention for one reason or another. Their lack of attention may result in a serious accident. Insurance companies are paid outrageously high amounts of money by drivers so that in the event of a car or truck accident or a motorcycle crash, they and/or any victims are protected, and they can recover damages for injuries, car damage, property damage, loss of work, disability and more. At Freeman & Freeman, LLP, we specialize in car and truck and motorcycle accidents. We are here to serve the driver who was the unwitting victim of a motorcycle crash or car or truck accident. You do have rights. You owe it to yourself to inquire what they are. If you do not ask for help, it is unlikely that you will receive any. An expert car accident attorney at Freeman & Freeman, LLP is available to assist you, to answer your questions, to evaluate your case, to see if and how you should proceed, and to support you the entire way.

Looking around at the beautiful scenery, greenery, blue skies, and mountains instead of paying attention to the road can result in an unexpected car or truck accident, or a motorcycle crash. Unfortunately, accidents are not infrequent. Have you been involved in an automobile or truck accident or a motorcycle crash in the San Fernando Valley area? If so, our firm, Freeman & Freeman, LLP, have offices in the San Fernando Valley area and are available to give you a free consultation to help you understand what your rights or obligations are. Were you injured by a negligent driver? If so, you may be entitled to damages. A car accident attorney at Freeman & Freeman, LLP knows exactly what questions to ask and what steps to take to defend you and protect your rightful claim for compensation.

Although there has been a decrease in accidents in California over the last 4 years, accidents occur all too frequently. Drivers make common mistakes and sometimes are shocked to realize they have been driving with very little awareness and focus. A driver that is not focused is potentially an accident waiting to happen. All a good driver can really do is drive defensively and as carefully as possible. Even when a skillful driver does drive defensively, there might be a car or truck accident waiting to happen because of poor road conditions such as potholes, pavement breaks, street cracks, highway debris, speeding emergency vehicles, drivers who cannot read the signs properly, and for many other reasons too numerous to name.

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If you are in the Sherman Oaks or San Fernando Valley area, the law offices of Freeman & Freeman, LLP are here to protect you in your time of need. We are skilled and experienced attorneys who specialize in car, truck and motorcycle accidents, and we are here to serve you. If you have been hurt or in a crash, or rear-ended, or in any similar situation, please feel free to contact our office for a completely free initial consultation. We will treat you with the respect and care and attention that you deserve and look into the specifics of your case. If you were hurt and are entitled to damages, we will fight for them on your behalf. Call us at 818-877-4736 now.